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Drop The Vote? — August 14, 2015

Drop The Vote?

Open Source VotingAs we are all starting to see, the race to the next “Destroyer-of-Country-in-Chief” is already at the level of the greatest circus of politics. And while that is happening there is a growing sentiment that I am hearing, reading about, and most importantly, feeling within myself. That sentiment is, if the majority of the voting population of this country simply don’t go to the polls this time around, we might just force the governments hand and be on our way to a change…of some sort. Something other than what appears to be coming.

Many of us remember the Gore/Bush debacle and know that it really doesn’t matter if we vote and “win”, the powers that be will put whatever puppet has already been chosen despite what the People actually want. That’s how I see it. And with that thought, I ask…

Are you going to vote for the next US Jackass?